What is JustType?

What is JustType?

What is JustType?

What is JustType?

JustType is a sass mixin that generates correct typographic styles. Configure it with base values, such as font-size, and it'll ensure your text scales responsively to any display. This demo uses a stylesheet made with the default values.

Include JustType in your build step to automate the typography, so you can focus on what matters—writing the content.

Sad human
Writing without JustType: sad

How about Markdown?

JustType styles all markup that can be generated from Markdown. As a bonus, the default font-stack is web-safe:

  1. Serif
  2. Sans-serif
  3. Monospace

Where are h5 and h6?

If a blog post needs an h5, it might also need revising. Regardless, it is easy to extend the style. Add to lib/just-typography.scss like so:

h6 {
  // your
  // style
  // here

See it on Github

This project grows as I continue to learn about typography and best practices. If you have any suggestions, please send a pull request!

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